Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Perth and the Swan river, Western Australia,Panarama of Perth cityskyline at dusk.

Captured as the city was being lit up in the dying light.
Reflections over the Swan river.

Appologies if you are revisiting this, but I needed to update it was so dark as to trouble me.
I hope you agree its a little less, dark, I think this is a big improvment, and it still looks ok on my over bright laptop so anyone who liked it before will still be happy.

Perth skyline

Perth skyline reflections. Western Australia.

View from langley park south Perth in Western Australia, great views for the red bull air race.
Conditions where right for some nice reflections of the city on the Swan river.

Good times with family and scenes like this.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

End game. HMM!

You may have seen this, orignially taken for flickr macromonday, but didnt upload, then I did, then I added it for another theme, since it seemed to work.

The third chess based shot, maybe I could say it is a series now:)

So of course this angle, what with gravity and all, is not something you see every day, so we can imagine there is some deception, the idea being that it gives the viewer something to think over.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Safari Park

Safari park

A shot from the safari park a little while back, it was cold, and it was amazing how well the animals seemed to be getting along... wouldnt have caught me out there.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Curves and grooves

Curves and groves, HMM!

So ok maybe you think I’ve just plain lost it... yeah, well that happened way back lol!, so I was trying to get together a shot for MM based on a memorable song from my teenage years.

The group was given attention after appearing on the John Peel’s evening show on UK national Radio 1. This song that I was going for was a 1982 Grammy nominated title, based on an earlier song by the slightly less acceptable song about cannabis by the Mighty Diamonds. The term they used for cannabis was changed to a patois term referring to a cooking pot... The song reached #1 in the UK and also a U.S. top 10 placing in the Billboard top 100.

The track also featured political and economic overtones throughout the song, As another clue, not sure it would help if you haven’t got it yet, but one of the lines was “How does it feel when ya got no food?"... but the song is only well known for its chorus.

The image... ok well, I’m sure this will be more out of camera than you might imagine, cropped a bit, marginal contrast, saturation, and sharpening tweaks, and is basically me holding a glass pot ( that is supposed to be a cooking pot probably not authentic for the purposes of the song ) which acts as a lens, above some vinyl, which isn’t the track if you are looking for evidence, what can I say it looked good to me so I hope you like.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Atomic sunset, Crosby

Atomic sunset, Crosby

All the power in the world, Sun, Wind and wave, a longish exposure not much done to it.
This was down on the beach in Crosby, shortly before the sun melted into the sea and the sky fell in.

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