Sunday, 31 July 2011

Mono world on fire, Crosby

A mono rendition of the world on fire shot from the muddy boots session last year.

Ripples of water and sand catching the light.

Thanks for looking.

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Friday, 29 July 2011

A River runs through II, Crosby

Another from the moody boots folder archive, I've reprocessed this one, pushing it somewhat, see what you think.

Ripples of water and sand catching the light.

Thanks for looking

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Friday, 22 July 2011

Tinted view. 750,000 views thank you.

A quick shot of a pair of my anaglyph 3D glasses, with the filtered light falling on a piece of gallerie gold fibre silk baryta paper, which annoyingly I managed to print an email on, an annoying mistake, but anyway I digress.

Today I noticed passing 750,000 views on flickr, thanks for passing by once more.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

World on fire (I dont want to set the), Crosby.

A reprocessed and rebalanced shot from the muddy boot session archives.

I wanted to change the colour balance, but I've also tweaked curves and done a little dodging, no doubt over the top, but on my monitor it looked kind of interesting and has some added drama, which I tend to like, see what you think..

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Big ship sails into the river Mersey watched over by the Ironmen of Crosby

In shot is the 22,000 tonne Panama registered cargo vessel 'Sv Nikolay'.
Don’t really know if you would describe this as a big ship... but I would, it did look to be large and lightly laden riding high in the water, the pooled water left by the leaving tide, left a mirrored surface for reflection, and the Ironmen looked on as to greet the ship into the river Mersey.
I quite liked the painted feel to the cloud backdrop here, I think these would have been perfect light and conditions to have seen tall ships in, oh well the less romantic bulk cargo ship will have to do.

If you want to track ships, this makes it easy, you can see where this ship is now, and what its doing...

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Steps, Liverpool

Steps, Liverpool by Ianmoran1970
Steps, Liverpool, a photo by Ianmoran1970 on Flickr.

Shot of steps outside the Liverpool Echo arena taken from the Liverpool Wheel, I like wheels but have to admit to feeling a little uneasy about looking down from heights like this.

I quite like the patterns made by the paving here, I think it had been damp but drying in the sun which also helps the texture, I had a few with people in shot which adds interest, but this one keeps it simple.

Kind of a high altitude abstract.

And once again I got through that without mentioning my Entry in the Manfrotto comp :)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Washed up, Crosby.

Washed up, Crosby. by Ianmoran1970
Washed up, Crosby., a photo by Ianmoran1970 on Flickr.

In the process of being washed up on Crosby beach, a Jelly fish and the receding wave that is leaving him high and dry.

It’s amazing how many jelly fish are left on the beach, usually in groups which makes me think that there are whole multigenerational families that have all ended up snuffed out on the beach having caught the wrong wave, but that kind of seems odd in some respects, I’m sure I read they have no brains, but in which case I expect they didn’t see this coming.

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And once again I got through that without mentioning my Entry in the Manfrotto comp :)

Coastguard station, Crosby

It has been known for a little while that ten coastguard stations across the uk are 'at risk'. The suggestion being that we should have just three 24-hour national stations – at Southampton, Dover and Aberdeen.

Crosby has been fighting to keep its station, and recently
a cross-party transport select committee has suggested that the proposal could have devastating and deadly consequences on the Mersey coastline.

While there are many being made 'at risk' in these times, from what you can gather, most dont leave lives at risk.

Been trying to clean up my harddrive, this one shows the station behind the car park at Burbo bank and the comms tower, set against the mile marker on the beach.

And once again I got through that without mentioning my Entry in the Manfrotto comp :)

Monday, 4 July 2011

Lamborghini abstraction

Lamborghini abstraction by Ianmoran1970
Lamborghini abstraction, a photo by Ianmoran1970 on Flickr.

There were some nice cars in Liverpool this weekend. They were doing rides around the city for charity.

Amongst others Porsche, Lamborghini, TVR, Audi, Aston were all nicely represented, the smell of petrol and the beautiful sound of engines, fab stuff.

And once again I got through that without mentioning my Entry in the Manfrotto comp :)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Greenbelt conservation or progress?, Crosby

Conservation or progress?

I’m lucky enough to live in a conservation area, there’s some nice large old houses and its all rather peaceful.

In between our conservation area and the historic Little Crosby, are public footpaths crossing green belt land, Crosby hall and fields of green.

One of Sefton councils ideas for its strategic housing plan, is to build more than 200 houses on this green belt land.

People that are within 50 metres of the ‘site’ have been given letters, but most of the walkers and people in the area are unlikely to be aware of what is being considered.

Currently under review is the Seftons core strategy for housing. Apparently the population since 1981 has fallen by 26,800 people, while 14,000 more homes being built. Current vacant dwelling rate is 4.6 and there are swathes of houses waiting to be demolished to make way for new property.

Despite lack of demand and current vacant stock, future requirements are due to the trend of smaller households.

Personally I don’t think it could possible to keep the walks and the character, and it is bound to upset the rich wildlife we have, I remember the first morning that we spent in our house, when a Red Squirrel was literally knocking on our bedroom window, other wildlife we have here include Bats and Pheasants.

Assuming these properties are required, I imagine they need to go somewhere, question is a green belt site in historic setting, between two conservation areas the place to put them...

Anyway, in shot is a snap from the field that is proposed to become a housing estate, the watercolour look to this is purely from dof on my nice lens, as the camera saw it, not photoshop.

And I got through that without mentioning my Entry in the Manfrotto comp :)

Thanks for looking.