Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Bottled it?, HMM!

Bottled it?, HMM! by Ianmoran1970
Bottled it?, HMM!, a photo by Ianmoran1970 on Flickr.

Ok so this was my second entry into Macromondays this week, my first double entry for a good while, and I've actually only done this beacause it was pointed out that my first wasnt technically a macro shot.. I agree, so I've removed that and this is something that is more likley to be classed as a macro shot, hope you dont mind.

Anyway, bottles are great, and this is one I've had for a while, not sure if its been used in a shot before, but it was to hand and trying to combine this with a cream egg does seem like an odd thing to do, but there are a couple of egg in bottle things that I've heared of before.

1. pickled eggs, why anyone would want to do such a thinh is beyond me, but then many things are.

2. The experiment where you can get a hard boiled egg in a bottle, more interesting to me, pretty pointless, but a neat trick.. ( you burn the oxygen off with a match or two, and the egg will be sucked into the bottle)

The egg, the currently very popular chocolate cream egg, here is only distorted by the glass of the bottle, and its shape is totally retained, but I imagine the experiment that works for hard boiled eggs work for them not the chocolate type.

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