Saturday, 2 April 2011

Unsure shots from Crosby

Wispy sky, Crosby

So in shot is a simple bit of post sundown cloud reflected in the wet sand at Crosby with the wind farm off in the distance.
Shot at Crosby beach from a little while back, another one that I thought there might be something in it to process out, this is the version that I was least unhappy with, so hope you think it is ok

Messy, Crosby beach.

Another One I want sure about and used a crop in beach slide a little while back, after a bit of stormy weather the beach bad way more debris on than usual, these are crushed up shells stones, and other debris left by the tide, all catching some early aftersun.

Like pebbles on a beach, Crosby

Like pebbles on a beach, not usually seen at Crosby, I think these were more like odd stones and stuff.

Sapphire mercury, Crosby

Nothing more than some nice shiny water and evening light.

Maybe I should get out and take some shot of the beach that I am happier with....

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